I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my fiancée, four-year-old son and one-year old daughter.

Living in the equal society that is Sweden, I am very much a hands-on Dad, a role which along with trying to pay the bills takes up most of my hours.

In the time I have left over, I enjoy literature, music and running.

I used to be something of a literature snob, but now that I don’t take myself so seriously, I have increasingly become a fan of crime fiction, predominantly British but also Scandinavian. The only books I won’t go near are science-fiction, whose adherents I tend to view with the same suspicion as grown men who play video games or watch wrestling.

With music, however, having for many years held pretty eclectic tastes, I tend these days to listen to classical (Mozart, Wagner and Schubert mainly but I’m always looking for new composers to get into), and one or two modern bands whose songs I can listen to on repeat for an entire day – generally ‘uncool’ bands such as Mumford & Sons. I have always loved The Smiths.

I run for the serotonin.

Originally British, I endeavour to keep up with developments in my home country, where I miss the warmness of the people, the newspapers, the sport and the beer.

This blog is purely for my own enjoyment and is not intended to fit any particular niche. I intend to put down my thoughts on anything I deem of interest on that particular day, be it my own interests, current events or general observations on life.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter Hampson

    Hi Calum, Just read your blog. Interesting reading, given I have just spent the last 12 months out of the UK. However, so far I do not miss the UK and have enjoyed living in France and the challenge of trying to learn the language. I don’t have 2 young children to keep me occupied, just a garden of vegetables which required regular watering (pumping water from the river) through the blistering hot summer!

    It is good to hear that you have moved on from the loss of Hedda and that, despite all of the problems that you describe in your blog, you have decided to stay in Stockholm. It is strange living in a country but relating to everything that happens in the UK. I watch UK TV, read the BBC and Guardian pages online and follow English football. I am only aware of what is happening in France when it gets reported in the UK media. – and of course there has been quite a lot this year!

    Are you still following Rangers? You must be pleased they are back in the Premier division, although not with a team to challenge Celtic as yet. Thankfully Utd are getting their act together and beginning to look as though they can mount a challenge. I think the League is beyond them this year however at least the football is more entertaining.

    Keep the blog going,


    1. calumpetrie Post author

      The Britishness never leaves you in my experience. There were hundreds of things I moaned about back home, but take me away and I moan about not having them.

      I am still following Rangers. Again, it’s something that never leaves you. We’ve come a long way and look good to finish 2nd this season, which considering where we were a few years ago is remarkable. Long way to go to challenge Celtic though. We need quite a bit of money. United look like they might be going places for the first time since Sir Alex left, thanks in no small part to the big Swede up front. They’re currently building a statue of him outside the national stadium here in Stockholm.


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